Need a furnished rental? There's a proven, FREE way to save time & money

Research-backed AI system pairs vacant rentals with the best value furniture and utilities found online and helps set everything up for you - for free. Proudly paired with or funded by:
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algorithmically cost-optimised furniture style packs & appliances pre-installed on day 1
algorithmically cost-optimised furniture style packs & appliances pre-installed on day 1

Rentals made move-in-ready for unheard of prices

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your needs, soon to be met

How does it work?

  • 1. inPlace AI compares all accommodation, utilities, and furniture options online and calculates THE best value way to create a move-in-ready place.

  • 2. Lease any place, and the inPlace system helps coordinate delivery and set up of all chosen furniture, appliances and utilities items for you.

  • 3. Get in and live, knowing you avoided losing as much as 20k per year relative to alternative rentals, and, as a bonus, inPlace tools can coordinate a 'buy back' of items you picked, saving you even more.

SMart option

flexible, move-in-ready living for less.

Avoid the rookie mistake of leasing an overpriced pre-furnished rental. Lease any unfurnished place, add an inPlace pack, and the basic math will show this option will save you thousands per year.

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rent furniture others will envy or pick the basics. you decide.

Furniture and appliance rentals to meet your taste or budget.

Sounds like magic, I'm ready
bye bye, pain!

get in & live minus any drama!

Finding a place to live is tough. Setting it up and furnishing it, harder. Bye bye pain.

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competitive? without a doubt.

Relative cost, quality, and convenience.
Pre-furnished properties
000's more for the same
Used furniture
Set up before arrival
Talk to salespeople who want to rope you in
Case study: Corporate or student housing
Find & buy new furniture
High upfront costs
Depends on your taste
Pick up, delivery, set up and removal, all on you
Time-consuming search
Case study: Buy VS rent new
Furniture rental sites
Higher costs than you
Used furniture
Setup can take weeks
Search through their catalogue and pair items
Case study: Us VS other sites